How To Cook Meat Perfectly

Eating meat on a constant basis and in balanced amounts is nothing but healthy to our bodies. It provides us with the animal proteins we require to strive through our daily lives, not to mention that, if cooked correctly, it tastes deliciously. But how does one get to cook the perfect ribs, the perfect chicken pie or the juiciest burger in the Universe? Sit tight and read below to find all the secrets that you need to become the most exquisite chef in cooking meat:

Grinding is everything

Although you may not think much of a meat grinder, it is actually one of the essential pieces in always cooking the perfect type of meat, no matter the season. Whether you choose an electric one or the old fashioned, manual one, a grinder will always make for the first step in acquiring the perfect sausages, meatballs or burgers. Take a look at all the meat grinders found at Prepping Meat and choose your weapon.

Use high heat for extra flavor

Now that you learned the number one rule in always having qualitative meat – meaning grinding it on your own, it is time for that piece of meat to have a little bit of action. Don’t be afraid of the natural brown color of cooked meat as it only indicated the juiciness and tenderness inside the meat you are going to eat. You can easily get that thick and crispy delicious crust on top of your meat by simply cooking it at high temperatures but for a short period of time.

Low heat delivers moisture

On the contrary, slow cooking could also benefit the meat, especially if you are looking for moiré juicy and full of moisture pieces of meat. Bear in mind that different types of meat require different heating cooking but it is also a matter of taste. Large chunks of meat or poultry actually require slow cooking to prevent dryness so keep that in mind next time you think about cooking that turkey or chicken, which are types of meat known for their low fat intake, thus, lack of moisture.

Rest your meat for a little while

The most common mistake people do with meat after cooking it is to immediately serve it and not let it rest appropriately. It is highly important to give your meat a rest of up to half an hour before eating it in order to taste its flavors and prevent juice from going out of it.