What to consider when choosing salad spinner.

Do you like to eat salad? Perhaps, you even grow up it on the beds? Or you buy in the market together with parsley, fennel, basil, a tarragon, cilantro. The real culinary specialist will always decorate the table with useful, fragrant, fresh greens. And, of course, you have already bought this wonderful device – the spinner for drying of salad.

– No? Aren’t you familiar with it yet? Did you not estimate this device is convenient in different cases? You bring all this tasty, fresh variety of vegetables to home, wash it and try to dry it up on a towel, shifting it with napkins? Or, how do some, you use the fan, the hair dryer in low-temperature condition? All of us know that it is inadmissible to put wet leafs into a salad. For this purpose, the special device was invented – salad spinner. This device called a roundabout for a sink of greens, a centrifuge for drying, the dryer for a sink of greens and salad. But does not matter how you call this great device, it will allow you to dry up salad, greens, and vegetables for several seconds.

Types of salad spinners.

Usually, it is possible to buy only mechanical salad spinner. Though for a sink in big volumes of vegetables automatic devices are necessary. Electric salad spinners used in restaurants or the industrial enterprises for further preparation of greens for sale. In-house conditions you will obviously not need a connection to a network as mechanical device will be more than enough to satisfy your needs. If you would like to learn more about the models of available salad spinners go to the website here.

Do not worry, drying does not demand the use of big physical force though the device involves cheerfully to twist greens. There are dryers with capacities of 3 liters, 5 liter, and more than 8 liters. The 5-liter device is more than enough for the kitchen purposes. Production made generally from eco-friendly food plastic. Metal devices are produced generally for production purposes.

From what parts does salad spinner consists of?

Salad spinner consists of the main bowl, as a rule from strong food plastic in which the trellised centrifuge is placed, a basket sieve (it is similar to a colander) and a cover. As a rule in all models of devices, rotation happens on any side. The main bowl can be used for giving of greens on a table or storages of the dried-up greens.