The Best Contractor Wheelbarrow

Working on a construction site means you have to work faster and accurately. You will agree that having a dependable wheelbarrow is a plus. It will not only make your job easier and quicker, but it will also save you from using a lot of energy on lifting heavy objects, and construction materials around that will make you vulnerable to back pain and injuries.

So how does an excellent contractor wheelbarrow look like? You will get conflicting reviews from different sites on what makes a good wheelbarrow, but we wanted to demonstrate a good brand and its unique qualities that set it apart from other wheelbarrows. Read on to learn more:

The Jackson brand

It’s so far the best contractor wheelbarrow. It is ideal for concrete and heavy loads. This wheelbarrow is made of thick gauge steel and therefore is very durable and can withstand the harsh working condition it is exposed to.

Some of its unique qualities include:

Strong and durable

This wheelbarrow is tailor made for the heavy work on a construction site. The bed is made of heavy gauge steel which makes it ideal for carrying concrete, construction wire, and cement. The strong material used in its construction makes it durable and saves it from frequent breakdowns that will force you to weld all the time weakening it in the process.

Has a simple design

It is made in the form of your traditional wheelbarrow making it easy to pick up after loading. The one wheel at the front and the brace at the back make it stand upright when you are not using it. There are no extra attachments and handles making it easier for you to concentrate more on your work.

A robust and tough frame

No matter how strong the barrow is, if the frame is not solid, the wheelbarrow will easily break under heavy loads. The solid steel and H- brace configuration gives the wheelbarrow more stability when moving around. The brace configuration at the bottom holds the handles firmly to the body making it easier for you to hold your wheelbarrow firmly. Its handles are made of pure wood that gives the wheelbarrow more strength and gives the user a firm grip on the wheelbarrow.


This wheelbarrow is perfect for all construction work. The design, material used for construction and the strong frame make the wheelbarrow withstand the harsh working conditions it is exposed to. Many brands will try to imitate this brand, but they fail the test because they are not built to withstand heavy loads. When buying a construction wheelbarrow, go for one that is tailor made to withstand that kind of work. Check on reputable sites that will give you clear and trusted information.