Business Travel Essentials: Guide to Choosing the Right Suitcase

While experiencing new cultures and exploring new sceneries can redefine awesome for you, traveling to a new place for business can also be stressful. Packing your luggage (then carrying it around) is not usually a worthwhile activity. But, you can reduce your stress, and instead start looking forward to business travels if an excellent suitcase has your back!

The Need to Prioritize the Business Agenda

First off, when traveling for business, remember to prioritize the business agenda. Avoid focusing on secondary pursuits (e.g. visiting tourist attractions, buying souvenirs, and visiting relatives). Thus, you should make sure that all the items for the business agenda can be packed safely in a suitcase that you plan to buy.

Excellent Features

You should also buy a suitcase that can make your business trip more convenient. You can do this by looking for top features.

Here are some excellent features of available suitcases:


    • Compartments and pockets (for better organization)


    • Internal and external locking system (for improved security)


    • Side handles (for better maneuverability)


    • Tie-down straps (for better compression)


    • Hard outer layers (for allowance of more contents)


    • Spinner wheels (for better ease of movement)


    • Fixed in-line wheels (for stability)



Appearance & Weight

Next on the list is the suitcase’s appearance. Some professional business travelers recommend investing in a suitcase that looks aesthetically pleasing. They make a good point especially if you plan on impressing other people during your business trip.

And if you intend to ace the professional look, go for a suitcase with a solid color (i.e. a single-colored suitcase). With such, you will look classy while carrying it around.

On top of that, go with a suitcase that weighs accordingly. While it may have wheels, a suitcase that weighs heavily can also be heavy to push, and thus, drain your energy relatively quickly.

Choose a lightweight suitcase, instead. It offers advantages (e.g. easier and faster to carry). If you will be staying in a particular destination or will be in transit often for a relatively long period (i.e. more than two weeks), a lightweight suitcase is the better choice.


Finally, you should also choose an incredibly durable suitcase. Focus on a suitcase that can withstand the heat, rainy weather, and rough conditions. Since it is available on the market, it is best to go for a suitcase with waterproof materials and hard shells.

While it may not always be affordable, a high-quality suitcase is usually worth every cent. This means that you can be granted peace of mind regarding the safety of your belongings.