Bright Socks – What you Should Know

One rule always applies when it comes to wearing men’s sock – make sure that the color of your socks matches that of your trousers. Put differently; if you’re wearing a black trouser, your socks should be black and so on. But, what happens when you want to wear colored socks? How do you match the colors? These tips will come in handy if you’re an adventurous dresser who likes to try out different styles.

Know When to Wear Bright Socks

As a rule of thumb,  you just can’t wear bright socks for every occasion. Colored socks are a big no if you’re going to a serious business meeting or a somber event such as a funeral.  You see, these occasions are not about showing off your individuality. They’re about expressing respect and most importantly, fitting in.

Bright socks are ideal for situations that don’t require any formality. Even then, you have to do it right to make it work. A pair of colored socks will match perfectly with a T-shirt/jeans or collared shirt/khakis combination. Your socks should be the same color as your sweater, sports jacket, shirt or pocket square. In other words, try to create a look that shows the people you know what you’re doing.

Know Your Contrast Levels

Do not go overboard with your colored socks. You want to maintain the same amount of contrast throughout your appearance. You should, therefore, make sure that your upper half is low-contrast and subtle. The last thing that you need with your outfit is an eye-popping color contrast on the lower half.

Go Classic

Start with traditional patterns if you’re just dipping your toe into the world of wearing bright socks. These will bring forth the “colored” effect without making you look radically bright. You can’t go wrong with the argyle pattern. This traditional sock style has been around for years. It allows you to try out a large color combination from orange to green and anything else in between.

Get Your Bright Sock Collection Right

You should choose a pair of colored sock that works well with multiple outfits. Look for a decent menswear store that has everything you’d want to get started out. Be sure to visit, Sockamore to view a large selection of bright socks for every occasion. Choose simple and traditional patterns to match your favorite jackets and shirts. Remember, it’s all about looking cool, beautiful and standing out from the crowd!