5 Reasons Why Artists Should Use Instagram

If you still have not tried Instagram as an artist, then you are missing out on a lot. You might doubt its benefit in your art profession, and may even consider it as merely another burden. However, you could be wrong, after all, Instagram is tailor-made for artists such as you. Here are a few reasons why you should be using Instagram:

#1: An Artistic World

Generally, Instagram has about 400 million active users monthly and beyond 75 million active users daily. As such, you would have a wide audience that you can advertise your artwork. And not only that, you can derive inspiration from other users as well. Perhaps you can get various ideas from someone else’s work.

#2: Compatible With Your Skills

If it still is not obvious to you, Instagram is mostly a visual platform, which means it is ideal for an artist such as you. It enables you to show your art as well as imagery at their best. In fact, you may not even need words or captions, just post your work. Also, Instagram enables you to build an engaging art gallery which other users can follow along. Share your thoughts and tell your story, with just your artwork and without words.

#3: Express a Different Side of You

Instagram is a great medium to express yourself and your creativity. You may post even an intimate photo diary about your artistic life. Feel free to share images, videos of you at work works in progress, or even just sceneries that inspire you.

#4: Opportunities Everywhere

Besides sales increase, an artist such as you can get commissions or invitations to participate in exhibitions. Generally, people can offer you to utilize your art for commercial purposes. In fact, there are so many opportunities that a developed Instagram account can take you.

#5: Automation is Always an Option

If you dislike wasting too much time on Instagram, you can opt for bots. These will do the dirty work for you, so you can focus on your projects as you develop your account simultaneously. One advice for you is to avoid Instazood, the reasons for which you can read on https://thesmallbusinessblog.net/instazood-review/.


Surely by now, you should be convinced that Instagram is beneficial. Just to remind you, Instagram is an artistic world, that is compatible with your skills, that enables you to express yourself and find opportunities. Lastly, if it ever becomes a time drain for you, you can always opt for bots.