Building the Right Fan Base on Instagram

More and more artistes are joining social media to get new fans and build their brand. The allure of social media is the capacity to get millions of fans at the same place. And who knows, you can end up selling your music on this platform! But first things first, let us look at the different ways to make Instagram work for you as an artiste.

Have an Effective Profile

This is the first step towards a lucrative time on Instagram. To increase your fan base on instagram is to have an effective profile. Let your audience know at a glance what you are all about, your likes, your genre and much more. Fans relate better to you when they know what you can offer without guessing.

Know What to Post

Your brand is all about music, but this doesn’t mean that you post music-related pictures the whole day long. A general rule is to have 50 percent music-related images, for instance being on stage or recording the music with your band, and 40 percent personal photos. Personal photos are all about creating that bond between you and the audience.

Get the Right Hash tags

Hash tags should be your friend right from the beginning. Hash tags make you get found on this platform. This means that a user can use the tag to see what content you have posted.

Make sure you get the right hash tags for your content. Instagram allows you a total of 30 hashtags at any one time, but the rule is that you don’t use all of them at the same time. Choose 5-10 relevant hash tags to get noticed and easily found.

Follow/Unfollow, Like, Comment and Repeat

The best way to get potential followers who translate into fans is to like their content, comment on their posts and follow them. You also need to unfollow the people that are of no value to your account – for instance those that are not active at all.

However, you need to be careful so that you don’t violate the rules set down by Instagram for each action. If you are using a bot, make sure it doesn’t raise suspicion. Doing this allows you to build your following the right way. Need more information? Check out

Final Words

Making it on Instagram as a musician isn’t all about telling your audience about your music, it involves more. Make sure you have the right content, post frequently and engage your users to succeed.