How To Boost Engagement Levels On Your Instagram Account

Social media is slowly marking its space as a force to reckon when it comes to marketing and no wonder every brand is seeking to establish its presence online. Various developers as well have been on their toes rolling out new features that specifically make marketing an easy task. Among the most used platforms is Instagram due to its visual nature and the simple user interface. So you have set up an Instagram account and have the first post rolling, what next? Engaging your followers is very important if you want them to stick around. The following are simple tips on how to increase engagement on your Instagram account

    1. Use Instagram stories

These stories will always appear at the top of a user’s account which increases the chances of a click. If you are lucky and has a verified account, you can add a ‘buy button’ on these stories which increase chances of conversion. If your account has not yet achieved this status, you can use the bio section to add a link to your website. Ensure that the stories are interesting to create interest for the customer to click on the next. You can showcase different products or processes on one thread.

    1. Buy Instagram likes

People always want to be associated with others and will thus be attracted to posts with high engagement levels. If a follower sees that a post has more than 1000 likes, he or she will be interested to know what the post is all about. You can create such an impression by buying likes and attracting those who like to move with the crowds. There are many bots that can help you achieve this and establish your authority. You have to review the bot to determine whether the likes are real or fake. Automatic Viral is one of the many tools you can use and you can know everything about liking bots as Spire gave it a frank assessment.

    1. Promote across other networks

You can link your Instagram account to your Facebook page and the post will appear there automatically. Your Instagram stories will also appear on your Facebook page and they thus reach a wider follower base. Using captivating captions and hashtags to make your content attractive and increase their lifespan. Ensure that you use the right dimensions when making your graphics to avoid missing some important details. Answer questions across all networks as well to increase your credibility.