Problems with a “Stagnant” Instagram Account + The Ultimate Solution

If you leave your Instagram account hanging, chances are it’s about to plummet to the ground. Inactivity is a turn-off — and a big one.

Slowly, you will lose followers and lose the usual number of likes. And then your brand will get that reputation: it’s an abandoned account.

People can still find you on the network despite the inactivity, yes. The chances of that, however, are slim.

Because you choose not to bother anymore, why would the Instagram community choose to bother with you?

So, don’t let your account be stagnant.

No New Likes

If you haven’t been around for some time, the Instagram community may no longer be interested in your posts.

5 months ago, you would get at least 100 likes on every post. Back then, it came naturally to you that people would instantly click the heart button under your post.

Now, you can’t even get a single one of those likes. No matter how much effort you put into creating a great post, don’t be surprised if nobody cares enough to like it.

It’s not rocket science. It’s just a consequence of your inactivity.

Getting likes matters because it means that people are viewing your posts. And people actually like what you have to say.

No New Followers

You shouldn’t also be surprised if you’re not gaining followers, and if you’re losing followers.

If you’re inactive for more than a month, many people won’t follow you. And many of them would view your account as a waste of space.

Since you have nothing new to contribute, you’re off their lists.

No New Conversions

And your business will suffer. Since you’re not working to get people to your website or promote your product, of course, money is off the table.

Poor Engagement

Or worse, no engagement at all. Not posting new content is one thing. No longer interacting with the Instagram community is another.

This is actually a more dangerous level of inactivity because it suggests that you’re 100% out. You no longer engage with people via comments, likes, and other means.

The Ultimate Solution

To rectify the abovementioned problems, use automation tools. These tools will help with account management, schedules, gaining likes and followers, and brand engagement.

Check out what Fred Harrington has to say about automation tools. In his blog post, he provides you with a list of the best Instagram automation tools.


There are plenty of promising possibilities that you can do with the help of your Instagram account. Since Instagram is visited by millions of active users daily, you can definitely use it to catapult your brand to success.