Taking Care of Your String Instrument

Every string instrument needs proper care. Whether it is a guitar or violin, you need to plan how to maintain it to avoid damaging the strings. With proper care, any good instrument can last for several years without any repair. It is for this purpose that very old, classical instruments are still in existence today. Therefore, it is good to combine high quality with the right care if you want your instrument to remain in perfect condition. You can only achieve this by being careful and paying attention to every important aspect of your string instrument.

Know How to Handle It

The number one thing you should be mindful of is the type of care that is required. Most instruments are damaged during practice sessions when the users are in a hurriedly place them down or leave them in the wrong place when stepping out for a moment. To some people, this habit eventually damages the instrument. Any time you are not playing your instrument, place it back in its case and ensure that the latches are closed.

Proper Cleaning

Another important thing that you need to do is to ensure that your instrument stays clean all the time. Removing dirt from your instrument on a regular basis goes a long way in ensuring that it lasts longer. Use a soft piece of cloth to wipe off any dust, perspiration or moisture that can damage the surface. Regularly inspect a very component of the instrument to ensure there is no wear or tear. Do not use any commercial cleaning products unless recommended by the manufacturers of the instruments.  Most of these products may coat your strings with a layer of varnish that can distort the sound. If possible, draft a cleaning timetable and stick to it.

Replace any Faulty Parts

Thirdly, always ensure that the soundpost and bridge are in good shape. The back of the bridge should always stand straight and be perpendicular to the instrument’s plane to avoid warping. Avoid the temptation of adjusting the soundpost all the time as this can cause some irreversible damages. Sometimes, a sudden change of weather may make the strings lose and cause the bridge to budge. Do not try to repair this on your own. Instead, look for a professional to readjust the instrument for you.

The Bottom-line

A good instrument, such as a Ukulele from Four String Fun will last longer and produce the quality of music that you require. Spare some time to ensure that you take good care of your instrument. Remember, no one else will do this for you.