Most Common Questions Youtube Buyers Have

Some people are a little afraid of buying signals for their channel, whether it be on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or whatever social platform that allows you to grow it in a somewhat less natural way. For that reason, I’d like to cover some of these questions here and perhaps take some of that fear away before it kills you.

The most frequently asked question is will my video get deleted?

I’ve used a lot of services myself and talked with a lot of people in the Facebook groups that are dedicated to buying views and I’ve never heard anyone saying that their video got deleted. In case their videos do get deleted it’s probably for different reasons like spamming their platform and/or posting videos that go against their terms of service. Think of extremes like hate speech, discrimination, violent stuff and so on.

Do those bought views always come from bots?

Although some claim otherwise I have to admit that 99.9% of the views are indeed generated by bots. Think about it, how can you force people to actually watch a video they are not interested in? Sure there’s paid to target but for that, you have to either hire a marketing agency or do it yourself. That’s really not what those services are all about as they are much to cheap to accomplish that so yes, views do come from bots instead of people.

Can I get my account banned?

Same as for getting your videos deleted you can get your account banned but not solely because you bought views. You have to break much more important rules for that to happen and those aren’t innocent mistakes. If you get your account banned you made a very obvious mistake by publishing intolerable content and should ask yourself the question what you are really doing.

Is buying views really worth it?

The opinions are divided on that, this website claims its definitely worth it but I have some doubts about that myself. It does depend largely on the provider. More views can equal higher rankings in Youtube which gets you even more views, the so-called snowball effect. But if you get in business with the wrong partner your rankings can actually degrade so perhaps its best if you upload a test video on another channel and try those different providers to see which one is moving the needle in the right direction.