Reasons your Child Should Play Chess

You should encourage your little monster to take part in as many sports activities as possible from karate to soccer, gymnastics, and anything in between. One ignored sport, however, is chess. Gone are the days when this was an old men’s game. You should encourage your teenage girl or boy to learn (and play) chess.  And here’s why;

It Pumps Brain Power

For starters, chess isn’t a boring game. In fact, KCFE says on their website that it is one of the most exciting games if you know how to play it. Even more impressive, this game can improve your kid’s brain muscle by encouraging them to be creative. Repeated studies show that chess improves the player problem-solving capacity and by extension his or her memory.

It Improves Social Skills

You have to shake your opponent’s hand before starting to play the game of chess. What does this mean for your child? Well, it encourages him or her to socialize with others and in a good way. Plus, it helps them learn competing doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re rivals in life. It also teaches your kid to accept defeat graciously.

It Improves Strategically Thinking

Remember chess and its ability to boost brain power? More than that, this game is a “wits” game that requires players to think outside the box when making moves. In essence, this implies that your child develops into a tactical thinker as he or she learns the rules of the game.  By extension, this helps the little one acquire skills to help him, or her to know how to tackle problems better.

It Improves Concentration

You have to remain focused when playing chess. You need to watch your opponent’s every move so you can know how to counter it. See, most children, especially at a younger age have short attention spans. Playing, chess, however, can be an excellent way to help them concentrate on one activity for long. Remember, a single chess gaming session can last for one hour!

The Bottom Line

Chess is a sport with a little twist to it. Repeated studies show that chess grandmasters are some of the brightest people around. The beauty of it is that your child can start to learn the game as early possible and develop as he or she masters how to make moves. So, if your tiny bundle of joy is showing some interest in the game, encourage him or her to play!