Ways to Crush it On Instagram

You know this story perfectly well – a business emerges seemingly out of nowhere and before you know it, it is taking off like wildfire.  That’s what happened with the likes of Airbnb and Uber. So, if you are new on Instagram, or are trying to get your brand off the ground, these hacking tips will come in handy.

Play the Number Game

Put the quality over quality narrative aside for a moment. On Instagram, and pretty much any other social media platform, numbers matter. In other words, the more followers you have, the more the strength. So, go out of your way to build a big audience. Use services such as SocialSteeze to help you cement your position on Instagram. Speaking of which, you check it out for yourself to see what SocialSteeze can do to help you “crush it.”

Like and Comment

Consider going on a photo commenting and liking spree. The idea is to help you get noticed while drawing some followers at the same time. All you need to do is to type a hashtag related to your industry in the search. Go through a couple of accounts that seem promising and start to like their snaps while leaving well thought out comments. Make sure that you like at least three photos.

Post at Optimal Times

First things first – you should post on your Instagram account every day. On top of that, you should do it at optimal times. Keep in mind that content is a critical part of your marketing campaign. And, failure to post every day means that you will end up losing your followers. Further, it implies that you will not attract new ones.  Figure out when your target is likely to be online and upload content at that time.

Hashtags, Hashtags

If no one ever told you this, hashtags to Instagram is what keywords are to Google. In other words, that’s how users will find your content. So, what does that tell you? Well, it implies that you should use lots of tags. You can use up to 30 hashtags but ensure you balance the ratio with your content.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to struggle to establish your brand’s presence on Instagram. At times, all it takes is to go an extra mile, put in the hard work and you’ll be on your way to making your mark on this super competitive platform.